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| 1.2 || Exhibit B || || || Yes
| 1.2 || Exhibit B || || || Yes
| 1.3 || Civil Cover Sheet || || || Yes
| 1.3 || Civil Cover Sheet || || || Yes

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AF Holdings v Patel is a civil copyright lawsuit between AF Holdings and Mr Rajesh Patel over the work Popular Demand: Nina Mercedez.

The Case was filed initially as a John Doe case in DC court, case unknown.

November 2 2012 the case was filed directly against Mr Patel in the Northern District of Georgia Federal Court. The Judge for this case is Judge William O'Kelley. Attorney for the Plaintiffs is Mr Jacques Nazaire. The attorney for the Defedentat is Mr Blair Chintella. Defense has retained Andrew Norton as expert. Two crowdfunding efforts have been made to date, the first to cover the cost of the transcript, and the second for money to depose and subpoena AF Holdings/Prenda representatives.

On July 2 a hearing was held at the 3rd floor courtroom in Gainsville, Georgia. After 4 hours of hearings, Judge O'Kelley ordered 60 days of discovery, this was later extended by a number of days to end September 5 2013.


Document Number Document Title Date Filed Filed by RECAPed? !
1.0 Complaint 2012-11-02 Jacques Nazaire Yes
1.1 Exhibit A Yes
1.2 Exhibit B Yes
1.3 Civil Cover Sheet Yes

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