List of Prenda Law clients

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Prenda Law has several 'clients' which many believe are mere shell companies for various Prenda Law principals. The following listing of clients does not at this time distinguish between suspected shell companies and legitimate enterprises:

  • Guava LLC
    • In the District of Connecticut, with PACER Case#: 98643: Docket (from; Entry (at RECAP Archive)
    • In the District of Columbia, with PACER Case#: 156389: Docket (from; Entry (at RECAP Archive)
    • In the Northern District of Illinois, with PACER Case#: 275041: Docket (from; Entry (at RECAP Archive)
    • In the District of Massachusetts, with PACER Case#: 147048: Docket (from; Entry (at RECAP Archive)
    • Guava LLC v. Doe In the Eastern District of Michigan, with PACER Case#: 274201: Docket (from; Entry (at RECAP Archive) 2:12-cv-14441
    • Guava, LLC v John Does 1-40 - Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia - December Term 2012 - No. 03387 - Case ID: 121203387

Other clients referenced in EXHIBIT C from Brett Gibbs' 17 Oct 13 motion: