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This is a list of people who appeared in the Prenda saga. Not all are associated with Prenda nor even friendly to Prenda, but if you come across a name in the study of Prenda shenanigans you can look up the name here.

  • bittorrentbull - twitter handle of John Steele
  • Backs, Karl -- listed as tech contact in the whois for
  • Cooper, Alan - land caretaker for John Steele
  • Cooper's Ghost, Alan - misappropriated identity used by John Steele to register website domains, execute copyright agreements, and generally act as a human shield.
  • copyrightcat - twitter handle of John Steele
  • Doe, Sophisticated Jane - Anti-Troll Blogger and Prenda target
  • Gibbs, Brett
  • Hansmeier, Paul
  • Hansmeier, Peter
  • Leone, Sunny
  • Lutz, Mark - paralegal, debt collector, telephone solicitor, office manager, corporate representative, would-be father of trustees
  • Marsh, Salt
  • Merkel, Spencer
  • Mooney, Allan - Personal trainer. Also a frequent client of Paul Hansmeier in his class action litigation suits.
  • Morrison, Trina
  • Nazaire, Jacques - local (Atlanta, GA area) lawyer hired by Prenda, who famously invoked "gay marriage" as a reason to dismiss Judge Wright's findings.
  • Olson, Peter -- listed in the whois for
  • Pfister, David
  • Saltmarsh, Anthony - Jaymee Steele's live in boyfriend.
  • Sargeant, Aisha
  • Steele, Jayme - John Steele's sister.
  • Steele, John
  • Torres, Johnathan
  • Urbanczyk, Adam
  • Vadas, Nandor J - United States Magistrate Judge in Navasca
  • Weber, Daniel
  • Wi Dugas, Sirh-Ryun Stella